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    TRNC: 5 New Positive, and hospital full

    The government, which could not solve the Pandemic Hospital problem, left the healthcare workers in a difficult situation.

    Today, the area allocated in the state hospital in TRNC, which recived five new cases, is full.

    While 20 beds in the Neurology Service are completely filled, doctors are forced to select patients with few symptoms and refer them to the designated hotel.

    According to information from reliable sources in Cyprus, a 61-year-old Russian, a soldier who came to the island yesterday and three other passengers were positively detected and taken to the hospital.

    Due to the filling of the Neurology Service, five patients were transferred to a treatment hotel and new patients were opened.

    It was determined that the patients received better care in the hospital and therefore the doctors had difficulty in making referrals.

    Covid-19, which varies, can make serious advances in some patients in a short time.

    Nurses working in the pandemic make a serious sacrifice by working 16 hours a day, although additional healthcare overtime has not been paid for six months.

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