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    TRNC 42 Positive, South 705 Positive Plus one death

    TRNC Numbers
    The number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 6623, 42 local positive cases, and 28 people were discharged.

    15 people are from Nicosia, 10 people are from Famagusta, 6 people are from Kyrenia Region.

    Distribution of cases by region


    Nicosia Center- 2 / Sulariçi- 2 / Hamitköy-1 / Gönyeli-4 / Değirmenlik-3 / K.Kaymaklı-1 / Haspolat-2


    Girne Center- 3 / Alsancak-1 / Ozanköy-1 / Dikmen-1


    Famagusta Center -7 / Karekeşliler- 1 / Dörtyol-1 / Yeniboğaziçi-1

    The general situation of Covid-19 on April 2, 2021 is as follows:

    Number of Tests Conducted Today: 6623

    Number of Positive Cases Detected Today: 42

    Number of Cases from Out of Country: 5

    Number of Contact Cases Positive in Quarantine: 6

    Local Number of Cases: 31

    Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged Today: 28

    The Patient Lost Today:

    Total Number of Tests Performed: 759.346

    Total Number of Cases: 4486

    Number of Healed and Total Discharged Cases: 4022

    Number of Cases Continuing Treatment: 438

    Number of Patients in Pandemic Center: 107

    Number of Cases Followed at Pandemic Hotels: 328

    Total Number of Patients Lost: 26

    Number of Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 3

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    South Cyprus Numbers

    South Health Ministry announced the death of one person due to COVID-19. This raises the death toll from the virus in Cyprus to 261, 173 men and 88 women with an average age of 79.The Health Ministry also announced 705 new Coronavirus cases out of 59,144 PCR and rapid antigen tests on Friday, 2 April, taking confirmed infections to 46,878.

    The 705 cases through PCR and rapid tests are as follows:

    • 317 through tracing of primary contacts (1,494 tests today)
    • Six through checking passengers at Larnaca and Paphos Airports (1,870 tests today)
    • 35 through private initiative (1,350 tests today)
    • 19 from public hospital labs (363 tests today)
    • One from GP referral (127 tests today)
    • Five from antigen rapid test conducted privately (369 tests today)
    • 322 confirmed cases found through 53,571 antigen rapid tests

    Analytically the 322 confirmed cases from the antigen rapid tests:

    Confirmed Cases
    Larnaca 34
    Limassol 117
    Nicosia 111
    Paphos 15
    Famagusta 7
    Old people’s homes 1
    Industrial area of Aradippou 0
    Special Schools 1
    Education 31
    National Guard 0
    Businesses 5

    In total, 57 patients with SARS-CoV-2 are being treated at the Famagusta General Hospital, including six at the Increased Care Unit. Moreover, 26 patients are being treated at the Nicosia General Hospital ICU, including four who are not on respirator, 26 in the COVID-19 unit, and five in the Increased Care Unit.

    Some 43 patients are being treated at the COVID-19 unit of the Limassol General Hospital and six in the Increased Care Unit, while three patients are being treated at the Makarion Hospital. Some 12 patients are being treated at the COVID-19 unit of the Larnaca General Hospital, while 13 patients are being treated at the COVID-19 unit of the Paphos General Hospital and two at the Increased Care Unit.

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