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    “There will never be a solution in Cyprus”

    Archbishop Chrisostomos II: “the Cyprus problem can not be solved”

    He claims that Turkey not only wants the whole of Cyprus but also to dominate the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

    He said that people should not worry about the Cyprus problem, and there would never be a solution. He suggested Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wants to seize sovereignty of the entire Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean whatever the interests of other countries, not just imagine it.

    Christosmos II said “Erdogan is a smart person, always wants to see the development in his country, he loves his country, is a brave leader, but said he has made a mistake.

    Erdogan guides his country by “faith”  by taking the guidelines and following the Islamic path. This road is not accepted by the European countries, the United States, Russia and China, and Erdogan can never dominate the Middle East”.

    Chrysostomos II told Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades that after so many times the Cyprus issue will not be solved and that no leader has ever solved it.  He said he wanted Anastasiades to do two things. One of them to support the economy, the other is to equip the Greek National Guard Army (RMMO) with modern weapons systems.

    In his interview, Christosomos II also explained the education system, the piousness of the Greeks,  Omorfo,  the thesis on the headscarf in the Church, and his views on the economic crisis.

    Chrisostomos II said he was in good health and would continue to work as long as he lived.

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