The Village With No Name – Need Someone – Part 14

Being the Village Idiot is no bed of roses let me tell you. It is a harsh taskmaster with a dash of naivety and karma thrown in for good measure. It is the dichotomy of knowing too much and not enough and confusing the two. My brain is mainly empty space through which a divinely given sense of self operates, don’t laugh, I don’t say this lightly. A juxtaposition of fate and it could be you.

Travelling around Cyprus and it’s divided nature makes me ponder the question “Do I need this, do I need someone?” Needing someone surely leads to dependancy, confusion, and uncertainty; all the things I see in wild abandon on our little Isle. Maybe I am better off on my own, left to my own thoughts and desires like a leaf swirling around in the breeze, detached from it’s mother tree. I sit down and watch as a lone leaf floats first this way, then that, and finally falls into a bed of flowers disturbing a bee. I watch as the busy bee buzzes from one flower to the next and a thought sparks through my empty brain. The Queen, little Miss Bossywings, in total control of them all, sends the workers out to gather nectar return to the hive and produce honey so she can feed. Their antennae are all connected to the Insectnet so she can keep a multi faceted eye on them all. They have been on the worldwide web for millennia before man and after a day of being busy bees there’s nothing they like better than going home and getting on their Hivepads.

Beestagram and Beebook are all the rage at the moment. However that aside although it’s only the Queen that can start a new hive the workers have a God inspired job too. In return for the delicious nectar they receive from each flower they take it’s pollen and propagate the next generation of blooms, hues, and breathtaking views. On their part the flowers, who are very very lazy, lacking in locomotion, socially awkward, and terrible first dates, are secretly grateful for their surrogate love makers. It takes the strain off any relationship when you don’t have to get to know your partner and the Sun takes care of all nutrients necessary for the upbringing of your children. This gives them more time to go on the Floranet, which they use mainly for selfies. Bee’s be like “Bzzzz. Yeah, give me some nectar honey!`’ Flowers be like “ Yeah whatever, oh look the sun’s going down, time for Stembook”. So it seems insects and flowers both need someone. Animals tend to stay in herds, packs, prides, or family units.

Sloths hanging on their branches need other sloths nearby otherwise at the rate they move they’d never be in the ‘survival of the fittest’ race that all animals are in and would be extinct, gone. It must be hard knowing that for all your life you are always at risk of being a more powerful predator’s lunch. Survival of the fittest affects animals every second of every day of their lives, it is the mechanism of natural selection. Animals live in harmony with their environment, and yes they do kill, but only what they need to live. No part of the prey is wasted, everything is picked clean, if not by the predator then by other animals, birds, and insects. No wastage, nothing is thrown away or wrapped in plastic for later.

The ‘lone wolf’ is always the bitterest, selfish, vicious of creatures. Unloved and unwanted by others, all it can do is plough a path of mayhem and destruction. Hah, that definitely reminds me of some people. Dammit all animals should be vegans. Animals have the Faunanet, not pixels but sense. Their Apps are in constant touch with Nature channels, Meteorological channels, Topographical channels, and the two F channels, Flight or Fight. All designed to keep them in touch with each other, their surroundings, prevailing conditions. and safety. However what happens in nature does not justify humans behaving the same way, the fittest can be the most loving and selfless, not the most aggressive, selfish , and violent. Humans left on their own like the ‘lone wolf’ become distorted and twisted.

We need our sense of self for sure but we need it placed within a network of other “selves’, be it family, friends, companions, spiritual affinity, love. We cannot live in a vacuum and need all these other component ‘selves’ to truly integrate and survive this so called civilisation we have fabricated for ourselves where sometimes it seems that what you have is more important than who you are, makes you more important than others, that cushions you from the suffering of the majority. In my humble Village Idiot opinion civilisation needs a rethink, a re-emphasising on kindness not greed. And I know deep down we are all searching for that moment when love, passion, humour, fate, the Universe all come together in a moment of clarity so rare it’s documented in your memory for ever. Encapsulated in diamond for eternity, gleaming with truth. Maybe that should be civilisation’s goal not this continual race for domination, superiority, and possession.

Humans have the Internet, in some ways the best thing ever created, in others the very worst. Instant access to almost anything, connection to long lost friends, new friends, knowledge at your fingertips, the ability to be anywhere in the world. The flip side, misinformation, misrepresentation, downright lies, people pretending to be what they’re not, happy. A whole world of misery and upset right there on your laptop or phone, people hacking your life, your accounts, your emotions. It is what it is, certainly not a place to be naive. So the question of Cyprus. It doesn’t need someone. It needs someones. It needs a divided population to put aside hostility, vengeance, and hatred. Very few people alive today are responsible for the current state of the island, but they are the ones suffering for the sins of the past. Corruption and bad management on one side, corruption and short sightedness on the other with a time frozen crack of a green line dividing the two. Left this way no one will get what they want, no amount of false meetings and discussions will cure the crack. It’s time to look internally and reject all outside influences before we lose all control and can never get back to wholeness.

Apparently we live in the best of times. We live to a ripe old age, most diseases have been conquered, women are no longer possessions but world leaders, less women die in child birth, education is at a peak, so too equality. So why do we insist on destroying our world, our home. We will not get another. Mother Gaia in all her infinite grace has provided us with the most amazingly beautiful art installation in existence. Interactive and life giving, finely balanced harmony. Mother Earth needs someone’s all over the planet to stop skewing her environment, stop corrupting her oceans,stop polluting her skies, stop extincting her species. Having wiped out most of the animal species we now seem intent on doing the same to the insects too and if that happens to quote one of her favourite sons, Marvin Gaye:

“Mercy, mercy me, things ain’t what they used to be. Where did all the blue skies go? Poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east. Mercy, mercy me.”

Gaia needs us to be the penicillin not the black death so she can continue her unique artwork in this Universe. The Uni-Verse, the ultimate poem, every cadence, rhythm, stanza, harmonic, chaotic, emotion, interwoven into the Physics we call reality. We can only read the first few lines of this divine epic, the rest awaits our discovery of the language to do so. With that thought the realisation that all the stars are closer, quite literally, for are we not all children of the stars.

All this swirling around in my empty spaced brain, seriously I didn’t say that lightly. If you look at an atom it is 99.99999 etc empty space centred around a nucleus. Now what really sends my mind absolutely crazy is that by arranging all this empty space in different formations and patterns you create warm, malleable, living thinking flesh. Order it differently leaves, wood, rock, metal, diamond the hardest substance known to man because of the perfection of it’s atomic placing. Everything we know in existence just empty space arranged differently. In fact if you take the whole of humanity and took away all the empty space what’s left could be be condensed into the size of a sugar cube. There’s a thought the next time you sweeten your caffeine drink of choice.

So even the Microverse needs someone otherwise existence would be vacuous nothingness. So if the birds and the bees, the animals, humanity, Mother Gaia, and the mighty atom need someone, then surely this humble Village Idiot does too.

So I leave you and start on my journey to find what fate has in store, to find my mutual coordinates, wherever they may be. see you somewhere on Mother Gaia soon.

The Village Idiot.