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Watch The Bells South Indian Action Movie Dubbed In Hindi.

Movie: The Bells,
Cast: Reyan Rahul, Neha Deshpande, Suriya, Mimicry murthy, Sadhu, Midhun, Ravi Kanth, Thrinandh, Chalapathi, Vasan,
Director: Nellutla Praveen Chander,
Music: Kasarla Shyam,
Producer: Erroju Venkatachari,
Release Date: 03 Jul 2015.

Ninnati Daaka | Tingara Bucchi | Akko Nenemi | Chinthamani | The Bells Title Song

The Bells is the story of a man who is severely phobic to the sound of bells. Later on he came to know that the fear is due to a murder that he witnessed in his child hood. How he solves it and how he overcomes the fear is rest of the story.

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