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    TC Citizenship move from DIKO and EDEK

    DIKO and EDEK are reportedly preparing for a legal regulation that sets new criteria for Turkish Cypriots to acquire citizenship from the South.

    A move has made to make it difficult for Turkish Cypriots to obtain citizenship from the South by DIKO and EDEK lawmakers.

    Fileleftheros newspaper 

    The newspaper summarized as follows:

     A person receiving or applying for citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus; provide written details on the following points:

    • Does not recognize the Turkish Cypriot administration,
    • Does not have any authority related to this administration,
    • ‘Does not’  own or reside in a property belonging to a Greek Cypriot.

    On the basis of the information obtained, the newspaper proposed that the law in question, requesting information on the number of officials holding the Greek Cypriot passport.

    Stating that the Greek Cypriot Interior Ministry did not keep a record of the Turkish Cypriot passports, the newspaper said that three lawmakers would prepare this proposal and submit it to the Greek Cypriot Parliament today.

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