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    Tatar prefers Britain to the EU

    The answer,  between the European Union and Britain, is easy for the Turkish side. Tatar prefers the British and this is not surprising, as their steps were more synchronized with those of the Turkish Cypriot side than with those of the Greek Cypriots. On the other hand, the steps of the Greek Cypriots are clearly synchronized with those of the EU, in contrast to Turkey and the TRNC. 

    Ersin Tatar in his new statements to the English-language service of the Turkish state television TRT World (source of GTP) referred to the Cyprus issue, making a comparison of the role that the EU and Britain can play. According to the President of the TRNC:

    The EU is an involved party in Cyprus due to the fact that the “Greek Cypriot side”, and Greece are members. He said he would not be in favor of EU participation at the negotiating table and that only people with the approval of both sides would be able to take part in the negotiations.

    Tatar said that Britain will sit at the negotiating table because it is a guarantor power and not because it knows the Cyprus issue well.

    He said Britain was actively involved in reaching an agreement between the two sides and that British Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab had made it clear that both sides needed to be reasonable and flexible if an agreement was to be reached in Cyprus.

    In London, Lord Ahmad, in response to a question from a member of the House of Lords, said that “resolving the Cyprus issue remains key to resolving wider tensions in the region” and that the United Kingdom supported the UN Secretary-General’s efforts. He added that the United Kingdom is actively negotiating with the other parties in view of the five-party meeting “to encourage them to approach the meeting in a spirit of flexibility and compromise”. Finally, he said that the UK’s exit from the EU does not affect the country’s role as a guarantor power.

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    Olgun: The content will not be discussed 

    The informal five-day conference in Geneva is a meeting to see if there is common ground for us to enter into negotiations, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergun Olgun said after meeting with Jane Hall Lut (source for GTP). 

    Olgun stated that he pointed out to Lut that in order to overcome the existing impasse, new, creative and out-of-mold ideas are needed and not on the basis of the negotiations that passed so many years with failures and collapses. 

    He concluded: “I made it clear to Lut that the reason for the inability to find a solution to the Cyprus problem for more than half a century is the hegemonic attitude of the Greek Cypriot side, that the processes that failed for so many years showed the reality that it is not suitable for the conditions of Cyprus, The Turkish Cypriot side there is no consensus for us to continue any process on this base “.  

    Meeting Dendias with Lut 

    Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias met yesterday with the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Cyprus Jane Hall Lute, who went to Athens.

    The focus of the meeting was the upcoming informal conference on the Cyprus issue that will take place in Geneva in April, according to a relevant post by the Greek Foreign Ministry on Twitter.

    Lut’s visit to Nicosia was preceded by talks with President Anastasiadis and President Ersin Tatar. Jane Hall Luth will return to New York, awaiting the appointment from Ankara. The Turkish government has not yet set a date for Lut’s visit to Ankara. 

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