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Right to first strike

CypriumNews Reporting
By YUSUF KANLI Governments make decisions on all issues but before making a decision, good administrators know the merit of listening...
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Maraş and Varosha…

CypriumNews Reporting
By YUSUF KANLI Varosha, the once splendid holiday resort suburb of Famagusta, has been in a deserted state since the 1974...
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Time for bold steps on Cyprus, eastern Mediterranean, Turkey’s EU bid

CypriumNews Reporting
YUSUF KANLI No longer, there is just a Cyprus problem. It is not about how to share the hydrocarbon resources of the eastern...
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Schuman declaration for eastern Mediterranean

CypriumNews Reporting
By YUSUF KANLI Former French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman was not the sole founding father of today’s European Union. Without Konrad...
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