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US ambassador calls on Turkey to end Yavuz operations

CypriumNews Reporting
Washington has expressed deep concern over Turkey’s reported plans to drill in waters off Cyprus and urged the Turkish authorities...
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Turkish “Yavuz” continues drilling at block 7

CypriumNews Reporting
Turkish drillship”Yavuz” continues its natural gas exploration inside block 7 of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). A video uploaded on...
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Turkish vessel set to resume gas drilling off Cyprus

CypriumNews Reporting
The Turkish drillship Fatih will begin a new drilling operation off Cyprus within the next few weeks, Turkey’s Energy Minister...
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Nicosia awaits EU council decisions on Turkey

CypriumNews Reporting
Nicos Anastasiades expressed on Tuesday his satisfaction over the decision of EU Foreign Ministers with regard to Turkey’sdrilling activities in...
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Anastasiades ‘absolutely ready’ for resumption of reunification talks

CypriumNews Reporting
Nicos Anastasiades is “absolutely ready” for reunification negotiations and he is waiting for the UN Secretary General’s invitation, Spokesman Prodromos...
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