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Parliament resumes Brexit debate (LIVE)

The Sun
THERESA May has insisted that she WILL get her Brexit deal passed by MPs – even if she has to force them to vote over and over again until it gets through. CypriumNews

International Weather Wars – 19 August 2018 – Cloud Seeding – Geo Engineering – Event News

W.M.D. Report : featuring : India, UAE, UK MSM, Iran & Israel, RT News conspiracy theory, UK Politics, Business News —————————- YOUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT TELLING YOU EVERYTHING : PLEASE RESEARCH AND MAKE YOURSELF AWARE OF: www .uk-skywatch.co.uk www .chemtrailsprojectuk.com Taurus Molecular Cloud 65 ( You Tube ) What In...

Are businesses more afraid of a Corbyn Government than Brexit?

Channel 4 News
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has told this programme he’s prepared to scrap Labour’s plan for a hike in corporation tax, if there’s another way to raise the money. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News videos. Most business leaders assume life under a Corbyn-led government will be high taxation...
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Theresa May’s Commons statement after Boris resignation – watch live

Guardian News
Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ▻ Support the Guardian ▻ The Guardian … CypriumNews

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