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    Strike warning if 7 day Quarantine not implemented

    Six trade unions and Customs at the points of entry and exit of the country gave the government three days to implement the 7-day quarantine recommendation by the Committee for Infectious Diseases.

     Unions said that if the government fails to comply with this call, they will exercise their right to take any legal action, including a strike, at the passenger entry points where they will organize, to protect the public from Monday 27 July.

    In the statement published with the signature of Güç-Sen, Kamu-Sen, KTAMS, Kamu-İş, Liman-Sen, Famagusta Customs, Air Traffic Controllers Union, it was argued that the government’s initiatives at this point were observed to be out of control.

    In the statement, as a result of the meeting held yesterday at the “High Contagious Diseases High Committee” within the Ministry of Health, it was reminded that, upon the increase in the number of positive cases, people who came from abroad made a recommended decision to subject them to forced quarantine for 7 days.

    In the statement, “We, as the organizations having the signed below, request the Council of Ministers to apply this decision immediately. Otherwise, we will not let the government disregard public health.

    In this context, we declare that we will not accept duties from Monday, July 27th and we will use all kinds of legal action, including strikes, at the passenger entry points where we are organized to protect our people. ” The statement said.


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