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    Red alert from Forestry Department, advice from Health Ministry as Cyprus bakes

    With temperatures set to hit 41 C inland and 32 C in the mountains, the Forestry Department has issued a red alert for forest fires while the Health Ministry is urging the public to exercise due care because of the heat.

    Both announcements come in the wake of an extremely high-temperature warning issued for today between 12 noon and 5 pm by the Met Office.

    The Forestry Department is urging the public to avoid actions and activities which may spark a fire.

    The public is urged to telephone immediately should they see smoke or fire.

    Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has reminded the public of the basic measures it should take to avoid unwelcome side effects from the heat.

    These include:

    • Avoid continuous exposure to the sun and heavy exercise. Prefer shady, cooler areas and avoid places with a lot of people
    • Dress lightly, with light-colored clothes, and wear a hat and sunglasses if outside during the day
    • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and heavy food. Choose instead light food, vegetables, and juices
    • Make sure to drink plenty of water
    • Use fans or air condition particularly during the day. At night it is best to keep windows open
    • Take plenty and lukewarm showers during the day
    • Special care for vulnerable groups of the population such as babies, the elderly and pregnant woman. If there are newborn babies in the house, they should be lightly dressed. Seek instructions from the pediatrician as regards the intake of liquids.
    • People suffering from chronic conditions such as respiratory or heart problems are advised to consult their doctor on whether they should be taking special measures
    • Avoid the use of the oven in the kitchen as much as possible so as not to further raise  the temperature at home
    • Never leave infants, the elderly or pets in a locked car

    Groups which are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures and the sun are small children, the elderly, overweight people, people not accustomed to heat and humidity, those with a heart condition, diabetics, those with a respiratory condition, kidney suffers and people on pharmaceuticals such as diuretics, the ministry concluded.

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