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    Psychologist of British teenager in alleged Israeli gang-rape prepared 12-page report

    The case of a British teenager accused of falsely claiming she was gang raped by 12 Israeli tourists in Cyprus in July continued on Friday with evidence via a teleconference from her UK-based psychologist.

    Chartered Consultant Psychologist Dr Christine Tizzard told Paralimni district court that the 19-year-old does suffer from  post-traumatic stress following the death of her horse two years ago.

    The psychologist who described herself an expert on post-traumatic stress disorders also said that she had talked six times on the phone with the accused before preparing a 12-page-long psychological report on October 6. And that the talks lasted “for a very long time”.

    Dr Tizzard knew the accused was taking anti-depressant pills because of the horse accident and told the court that when one suffers from post-traumatic stress a new shock can certainly lead to further deterioration of the condition.

    The psychologist also said she was aware the teenager insists her retraction was extracted under duress.

    Police investigators, however, have denied the allegations that pressure, physical or psychological, was exerted on the teenager so that she would falsely confess.

    Initially, the teenager had alleged that 12 Israelis raped her on July 17 at a hotel in the resort of Ayia Napa, a magnet for younger tourists attracted by its beaches and nightlife.

    The Israelis aged 15 to 18 were later released without charge after the woman was arrested on suspicion of “making a false statement about an imaginary crime”.

    The Israelis have denied any allegation of assault and have since returned home.

    If convicted the British teenager could face up to one year in prison and a fine of around €1,700.

    The trial continues on Monday.

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