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    Pegasus will start flying again at the end of May

    In the letter he shared on Twitter, Pegasus General Manager Nane said, “We plan to start domestic flights first, depending on the decision of the Ministry of Transport.”

    Pegasus Airlines announced that it plans to start flights with domestic flights by the end of May.

    “We are planning to start at end of May flights depending on the decision of the Ministry of Transport, we are making all our preparations accordingly,” said Pegasus Airlines General Manager Mehmet Nane.

    Metmet Nane, who shared a letter from Pegasus’s corporate Twitter account, said the following:

    “Our fight against the Covid-19 outbreak continues resolutely.

    We know that these challenging days are an extraordinary period that affects not only our country but the whole world. In this period of uncertainty, we continue our work towards that beautiful day that we will meet with our esteemed guests.

    We have received a total of three new aircraft in April.

    Our planes are looking forward to the days when they will fly you to the cities you want.

    So are our devoted teams who do their job passionately …

    I can guess that you have many questions in mind. The first is probably related to the start date of the flights. First of all, I would like to say sincerely that we want the flight to start. Because we missed you and the sky very much. However, in order for us to fly again, some conditions must be met and the health picture related to the epidemic must be improved.

    In the last two weeks, we have seen a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases and an increase in the number of patients recovering. If this gratifying and hopeful picture gets better, depending on the decisions of our Ministry of Transport in line with the recommendations of our Health Science Board ,

    We plan to start end of May flights with domestic flights. We are making all preparations accordingly.

    Another question is undoubtedly normalization after the crisis. We know that it will not be as before when the flights start. For this reason, we are already focusing on the normalization of the new order.

    As Pegasus Airlines, our most important value is our guests and employees. For this reason, we have to take precautions to determine what flight standards will be for you and our employees and to travel comfortably when this difficult period is over.

    As sector representatives, we talk about these issues and actively participate in efforts to set standards together with national authorities. On the other hand, it is important that the decisions taken are parallel to the world.

    We are continuing our international talks to ensure similar standards in the 43 countries we fly to.

    We will be together again very soon. But now is the time to take care of our health and continue fighting this outbreak in solidarity. Since the number of cases has fallen, without being compromised, without taking precautions …

    Please continue to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

    Do not go out unless it is compulsory, stay in your homes as much as possible and take care of your health.

    You are very valuable to us.

    I extend my sincere thanks for my personal and Pegasus Airlines for your patience, understanding, and support in this challenging and extraordinary process. We will be the winners of this struggle.

    We will meet again very soon.

    Until then, stay healthy.

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