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    NEW TRNC Vaccine Information System activated today

    The Vaccine Information System, which will allow those who want to make a Covid-19 vaccination appointment in the TRNC, have the opportunity to apply online.

    The vaccine information system was introduced at a press conference held with the participation of Prime Minister Ersan Saner and Health Minister Ünal Üstel.

    In addition to the Prime Minister and ministers, undersecretaries, bureaucrats, press members and software company officials that established the system also attended the meeting.

    Citizens who want to take advantage of the system must click on and fill out the form consisting of personal information.

    On the website, there are vaccination centers, appointment inquiry and online appointment options, and information about the vaccine table, types of vaccines and side effects, and ways of virus protection.

    In his speech at the introductory meeting, Prime Minister Ersan Saner stated that an important step was taken with the online vaccine information system, and stated that vaccination studies will continue and that the application of home quarantine has reached the final stage.

    Health Minister Ünal Üstel also noted that vaccination studies will be carried out in a transparent and fair manner, vaccine information system and manual system will be eliminated and digital system will be switched to.

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    Health Minister Ünal Üstel said that a vaccine information system has been established that people can follow in a transparent and fair manner.

    Explaining that he became the Minister of Health in a difficult period, Üstel pointed out that he had three goals he wanted to achieve.

    Explaining one of his goals as creating an online vaccine information system, Üstel says that his other goals are; He said it was a home quarantine and online drug program.

    Explaining that vaccination studies are continuing in 30 centers in the country and that people can have their vaccinations by making an online appointment with the activation of the system, Üstel stated that information such as who has been vaccinated, when the second dose of vaccines will be given will be available in the system.

    Thus, up to the middle of the manual system, to move from the exponential describing the digital system, the 100K Turkey vaccine, he said vaccine is 10 thousand to 60 thousand people completed the second dose of the vaccine provided by the European Union.


    Üstel said that the home quarantine application has reached the final stage and the implementation will start within a week or two, and that families with children and chronic patients will be prioritized.

    Minister Üstel noted that a system to monitor the home quarantine has been established and that the ministry will also be involved in the inspection process.


    Astra Zeneca vaccines were made to 1,500 people and Biontech vaccine was made to 2,200 people, Üstel said that Astra Zeneca vaccines were stopped after the warning from the European Union.

    Üstel stated that citizens with Astra Zeneca vaccine in the country are closely monitored and no problems have been encountered.

    that they will increase the PCR centers, the kits that can detect virus mutations have come to the country, Nicosia Dr. Burhan Nalbanoğlu stated that studies have started at the State Hospital DNA Laboratory and the results will be shared with the public.

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    PCR tests have been increased from three thousand to 7 thousand, rapid antigen tests are coming to the country and verification is being made in the DNA laboratory, Üstel noted that the DNA laboratory will also be expanded, faster scans can be made, and the capacity will be increased.

    Explaining that at Dr. Burhan Nalbanoğlu State Hospital was confirmed and announced as such, Üstel asked that no one should doubt that the real cases were disclosed regarding the number of cases.

    “We have made initiatives by taking measures and measures to raise the economy that hit the bottom,” said Üstel, saying that they observed that some of the opened businesses did not comply with their commitments and emphasized that everyone should comply with mask, distance and hygiene rules.

    Reiterating his call to citizens to obey the rules, Üstel noted that they should also warn those who do not obey the rules.

    Üstel said that they will publish a booklet in which the cases will be presented in graphic form.
    Answering the questions of the members of the press, Üstel stated that they aim to open the closed areas according to square meters, they want to open face-to-face training and stimulate tourism.

    Üstel stated that they want to bring tourists to the country with the condition of double vaccination and double PCR once vaccinating 60 percent of the society.

    Stating that they have increased their inspection mechanisms and they want to get more support from local administrations and District Police Boards, Üstel said that sanctions and inspections will continue to be carried out.

    Saying, “The increase in the number of cases makes us sad, everyone should do their part in order not to be upset”, Üstel said that the number of cases is high in Nicosia and Kyrenia and that they are conducting screenings for this.

    Reiterating his call to abide by the rules for all the public, Üstel stated that it was his duty to remind the press of the rules and to inform them.

    Stating that the home quarantine application will start, including families with children and chronic patients, it has reached the final stage, Üstel said that the system to follow the home quarantine has been established and the ministry will take part in the inspection process.

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    Prime Minister Ersan Saner thanked everyone who contributed to the vaccine information system and noted that the system will provide serious benefits to the citizens.

    Saner, Turkey will contribute to the implementation of e-government within the framework of providing easy access to information, he said.

    Stating that the world and the TRNC are experiencing serious problems due to COVID 19, Saner noted that the country has moved to a relatively better position than the world countries with the efforts of former Health Minister Ali Pilli, Health Minister Ünal Üstel and healthcare professionals.

    Comparing the COVID 19 cases in the world since the government took office on December 15, 2020, Saner stated that the number of cases increased by 60 percent, and the number of deaths increased by 2 times and exceeded 2 million.

    Comparing the case and death rates seen in countries such as Southern Cyprus, Malta, Iceland and Luxembourg with the TRNC, Saner stated that the cases and death rates in the TRNC are at a better point due to reasons such as the public obeying the rules in the direction they draw and the process put forward regarding the vaccine.

    Saner Turkey’s vaccine will continue to contribute, Vice President of the Republic of Turkey Fuat Oktay said he assured in this direction.

    Stating that the Ministry of Health has made significant progress with the vaccine information system, Saner noted that the Minister of Health pays attention to the three important goals set.


    Stating that the final point has been reached in the home quarantine, the New system will be implemented once the procedures are completed, Saner said that the current system is not sustainable.

    Saner called on the people of the TRNC to obey the rules and warn those who do not.

    Referring to the figures regarding higher education, Saner stated that 6 thousand 732 students came to the country and the target was 15 thousand students, and said that the students will complete their quarantine processes and continue their education face-to-face.

    that 15 percent of the society was vaccinated, Saner said,“ We ​​are in the third place in the European Union ”.

    After the speeches, plaques were given to those who contributed to the formation of the system.

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