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    Mexicans breaks record for the longest Torta sandwich

    The record for the longest ‘torta’ sandwich was broken on Wednesday (August 3) during the 17th annual Torta fair in the Venustiano Carranza district of Mexico City.

    The fair’s attendees were able to taste a piece of the 74 meter (242.7 feet) long torta prepared by cooks whose businesses participated in the fair.

    A time record was also broken at the event, with the torta being assembled in two minutes and nine seconds, said Venustiano Carranza mayor Evelyn Parra.

    For torta cooks, the fair provides an opportunity to generate profits and promote their businesses. Such is the case of Rosa Ventura, who had to close her physical seafood torta store due the pandemic.

    Different from the traditional sandwich, the torta is bigger in size and can be made up of a variety of products. Each section of the record breaking torta had a different flavour, each representing numerous combinations that local cooks have created over the years.

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