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Italy launches operation against YPG/PKK terrorist

Police seize passport of Italian terrorist who was planning to go to Iraq, then Syria

Counter-terror teams in western Italy searched a suspected Italian YPG/PKK member’s house and seized his passport, local media reported Saturday.

Italian news agency ANSA said the police on Sardinia Island searched the houses of three Italian nationals within the framework of an operation against “war activities abroad”.

They were living on the island’s central city of Nuoro and southern city of Cagliari.

One of the suspects, Pierluigi Caria, whose affiliation with YPG/PKK was confirmed, was planning to go to Iraq and then Syria soon.

His passport has been seized as a precautionary measure by the Anti-Mafia Directorate in Cagliari, it was reported.

The investigation against the three people was initiated after a photograph showing two YPG/PKK members was circulated.

The terrorists in the photograph, French Olivier Francois Jean le Clainche and Italian Pierluigi Caria, showed one armed with a Kalashnikov and the other holding his left fist in the air.

Their identity was tracked down through a flag belonging to a so-called anti-fascist organization in Bretonnia, France and the flag of Sardinia Island that is seen in the photo.

The French terrorist, codenamed Kendal Breizh, was killed by the Turkish army forces in Syria’s Afrin on Feb. 18 during Operation Olive Branch which was launched with the aim of clearing YPG/PYD/PKK terrorists in the region.

Caria is accused within the framework of Italian Penal Code’s Article 270 on acts committed with the purpose of terrorism and violent acts against the state.

The article includes violent acts committed against a foreign state, institution and international organisations with terrorist purposes.

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