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    Hazy landscape for New York despite the readiness of the two

    In Cyprus, the two leaders are competing with who is more ready for a joint meeting with the UN Secretary-General. However, despite the expression of preparedness, the landscape remains cloudy due not only to the positions expressed by the two sides on the island but due to the situation in New York in relation to the pandemic. As a result, no one knows in advance what the situation will be and how the contacts will ultimately be formed at the headquarters of the international organisation.

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    After his meeting with the Holy Synod, Anastasiades said that his readiness for a meeting with Ersin Tatar is also recorded in his letter to Antonio Guterres. Asked to comment on reports by Ersin Tatar that the reason mrs. Lute did not come to Cyprus was not the refusal of the Turkish Cypriots to meet her, but her own reasons, Anastasiades said that “Mrs. Lute communicates by phone and forwards her positions to the negotiator and never raised such an issue”.

    He added that “what was originally planned was that Mrs. Lute would probably visit Cyprus with her husband for holidays, but also for the use of her presence here, but then she mentioned that no such trip would be combined, but with her presence here she will prepare the meeting that would take place in New York. And the response from the Turkish side was that they are not ready for such dialogue, for similar consultation.”

    Ersin Tatar’s office in a statement refers to the issue of Jane Hall Lutt’s visit and the possibility of a meeting between Olgun and Mavrogiannis. According to the announcement of the Turkish Cypriot leader’s office (PIO source), on August 20, Ergiun Olgun in a telephone conversation with Jane Hall Lutt had said that he is ready to meet with A. Mavrogiannis in preparation for the informal meeting in New York.

    The same statement states that the initial thought of the UNSG’s special envoy was to come to the island at the end of August and then in early September. Olgun spoke with Jane Hall Lute on September 3rd where the positions of the Turkish Cypriot side were raised, but the announcement of the “presidency” states that “Lute gave the answer that she does not plan any visit to the island before the United Nations General Assembly.”

    Ersin Tatar, according to the statement issued by his office, has stated on several occasions that he is ready for a meeting with N. Anastasiades. According to the Turkish Cypriot side, the Secretary-General had told the two leaders when he met them, last June in Brussels, that he could meet them informally at dinner when they were in New York.

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    References to a new blame game

    The Turkish Cypriot newspaper Vatan (PIO source) reports that Ersin Tatar’s office in its statement accuses  Anastasiades of starting a new blame game on the Turkish Cypriot side, due to the criticisms he receives at home and abroad. Because according to the Turkish Cypriot side, the President of the Republic of Greece is being criticized in relation to the loss of his persuasiveness.

    In a written statement, the presidency claims that the Greek Cypriot side has begun a new blame game through Anastasiades and the government spokesman and that these statements show the confusion of the Greek Cypriot side, which are an attempt to distort realities through the press.

    The statement states that “despite all these realities, these statements made on behalf of the Greek Cypriot leadership with the aim of accusing the Turkish Cypriot side and creating impressions, are evaluated as attempts by Anastasiades to cover up the criticisms he receives at home and abroad, in relation to the fact that he has completely lost his persuasiveness in recent times”.

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