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    Global coronavirus cases top 15 million

    The number of documented coronavirus infections worldwide has now passed 15 million. And with nearly 4 million cases and counting, and over a thousand deaths in a single day, the U.S. remains at the top of the list. Reuters has been keeping tallies of the running estimates from world governments. California crossed 400,000 cases on Tuesday, meaning if California were a country – it would have the fifth-highest number of cases in the world. Other states are seeing record surges in cases and deaths, including Florida, which has reported over 10,000 new cases almost every day for a week. Elsewhere, the Reuters tally shows the disease is accelerating the fastest in the Americas, which account for more than half the world’s infections and half its deaths. With over 2 million cases, Brazil has the second-highest number of virus infections in the world. While President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for the virus himself, he has continued playing down the scale of the outbreak. India, Russia, and South Africa round out the rest of the top five countries with the highest number of infections. And even in parts of the world where the virus was thought to have subsided, it has returned with a vengeance. In Europe, once the epicenter of the pandemic, everyone is watching Spain’s new outbreaks. The city of Barcelona is still limiting the number of people allowed on its beaches – fighting off locals and tourism that surged when restrictions were first lifted. And in Australia – which has weathered better than many other countries – the city of Melbourne has ordered residents to masks in public starting Wednesday after the country reported a record spike of over 500 new cases.
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