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    Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purchase of hotels in closed Varoshi

    The Mayor of Famagusta also attended the meeting

    A meeting is being held today at noon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the presence of the mayor of Famagusta, following reports of the purchase of three hotels in closed Varoshi by a Turkish Cypriot businessman.

    Last week, Yeni Bakış, in a front-page story under the headline “Three hotels open in closed Varosha”, noted that a Turkish Cypriot businessman said he bought from their Greek Cypriot owners three hotels and two floors of apartment buildings in fenced Famagusta. It will open them for bookings for 2025 if no obstacle arises within two months.


    hotels Varoshi

    The report, according to the Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus, which reported the news, had also reported that “The Turkish Cypriot businessman, who also received approval from the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Interior for the contract for the purchase of the hotels and apartment buildings he bought, said that he is inspired by Turkey’s stance on the issue of Varosha and the statements constantly made on the issue of Varosha by Turkey’s ambassador to the TRNC. Metin Feyzioglu. The Turkish Cypriot businessman, who said that he turned his investments towards Varoshi due to the fact that the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Interior approved sales in this matter and ratified the agreements, said that he will now make all his investments in the TRNC in Varoshi and bring back to Varoshi its old days.


    «We will start getting bookings for 2025 within a month.”

    The business investor, who said he has been closely following the Varosha issue for four years, said he bought the hotels by holding a meeting with their owners and that they got approval for it from the Greek Cypriot Interior Ministry and the TRNC Interior Ministry.

    The businessman, who is preparing to sign deals with tour operators abroad, said he would start taking bookings for 2025 within a month, should no hurdle arise.

    “Turkey’s stance and TRNC’s stance on the Varosha issue is well known, I don’t think we will experience any problem,” the businessman said. Saying that thanks to this plan the area of Varosha and Famagusta will be developed, the businessman said that this move is a very big step for the TRNC.

    Cleo Hotel, Golden Seaside Apartment Hotel, Aegean Hotel

    Mentioning that he also gained ground in the TRNC, the businessman said that for the coming days he is meeting with the owners to buy six more hotels. “I will reflect history by shaping as it was in 1974 the hotels CLEO HOTEL, GOLDEN SEASIDE APARTMENT HOTEL and AEGEAN HOTEL that I bought,” the businessman said.

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