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    Five Miles: The landing was made in their yard!

    Kati Economidou, in a post on Facebook, remembers and honors the first Greek Cypriot victims of July 20th1974, who are none other than the father, mother and little sister of her later husband, Panikos Economidis: “Five Miles. Sunrises of July 20, 1974. Pagona, Porphyrios, Xenia Economidou, the first victims. They have been ignored ever since. Five Mile Beach, 20th July 1974, where the Turkish troops landed. The Economidou family was the first to go. They have been missing since then ».

    is it possible that Turkish commandos came out on Friday night, at midnight, or on Saturday morning, and cleaned the area.
    Because early in the morning, as soon as they saw the ships in the distance, the young men of the family – the two little boys pictured in the photo who had grown up and enlisted in the army – ran to the Five Miles and searched their home.
    They found nothing.
    Their house and their restaurant – it was called Five Miles – were side by side. In the bar lit a white candle, a candle, which was always lit by the mother in sickness and pain. Strangeness.
    There was no one.
    They shouted, they ran, they searched, but nothing.
    The Turks had started going out in their yard… and left.
    They were shooting at them.
    Five Miles: The landing was made in their yard! 1

    Kati Economidou is a well-known soprano mezzo and tour guide, with studies in Political Science and Philosophy, who specialized and taught Conflict Resolution and Mediation.


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