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    “Enough is enough, build this hospital”

    Guzelyurt Hospital, which the people of Guzelyurt have been looking forward to for years, has turned into a pile of concrete.

    The hospital has been left in ‘half construction’ for years, prompting a backlash from locals.

    Speaking to KIBRIS, Guzelyurt Civil Society Platform Spokesperson Şinasi Özdeş called for the hospital to be completed as soon as possible.

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    “Enough is enough,” he said.

    Özdeş stated that the Guzelyurt Hospital project was implemented in 2005, but no government have been able to complete the hospital since then.

    Noting that they have heard that 5 million liras have been spent on the hospital so far, Özdeş said that they have learned that no money have been allocated from the state budget.

    they will try to finish this construction with foreign aid, Özdeş stated that they have applied to Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia Ali Murat Basceri for the completion of the hospital.

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    “We have applied to our ambassador, and if need be, we will try to explain our problem to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” he said.

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