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    Difficult puzzle the 5 + 1 – Lute is coming for the organizational

    Jane Hall Lute will make a lightning trip to the island in order to discuss procedurally and organizationally with the two leaders. He will see President Anastasiadis tomorrow morning and President Tatar in the afternoon. The information that South Nicosia has is that the envoy of the UN Secretary General is not coming here to discuss the essence of the positions on both sides. 

    According to our information, the meeting of President Anastasiadis with Jane Hall Lute is expected to move on three axes: 

    – The procedures of the meetings that will take place in Geneva in the framework of the informal 5 + 1 conference will be discussed and clarified. 

    – The Greek Cypriot side will seek to further clarify the scene of the five-party meeting and especially what are the intentions of the Turkish side, at the base and the Lute-Tsavousoglou meeting in Ankara. 

    An attempt will be made to decipher them as the Secretary-General of the United Nations is considering approaching the 5 + 1 meeting in Geneva. 

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    From the information that South Nicosia has so far, Jane Hall Lute during her visit here will be more concerned with the preparation and its 5 + 1 organization than with the essence of the positions on both sides. Apart from the two separate meetings, no attempt was made for other contacts between the two sides. No joint meeting of the two leaders was requested, while as far as the negotiators are concerned, the opposition of the Turkish Cypriot side is known. 

    South Nicosia does not have any information from the United Nations regarding the participation of the European Union. Although an update will be attempted by J. H. Lute in Sunday’s meeting, however, finds it difficult to find an answer. As we have been characteristically told, “as long as the Turks do not accept, the EU cannot be invited”. 

    President Anastasiadis, referring to his meeting with Jane Hall Luth tomorrow, said that the visit “is in preparation for the five-party meeting. “Where the bar is will depend on where and how Turkey is positioned.” As for him, he assured that he would go to Geneva with determination and readiness to negotiate what the UN resolutions provide for, what the Security Council resolutions provide for and, of course, what we agreed on November 25, in Berlin, when “Under the auspices of the UN Secretary General, a joint meeting was held with former President Akinci.”

    “Therefore, knowing our clear positions, if they show and abandon, and should not be ignored by anyone, the positions they are promoting today, abandoning a great retreat from the Greek Cypriot side, an urgent compromise, accepted in 1977 by the late President of the Republic ” If they have the will to create or transform the Republic of Cyprus into a truly independent and sovereign state that will not serve the interests of third parties, but of the people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, I do not see why there should be no solution,” he said.

    However, said President Anastasiadis, “as long as the unacceptable positions on the creation of two states or sovereign equality are projected, which equates in the same way to the recognition of sovereignty or an illegal regime, you realize that the responsibility lies not with us, but with those who evade United States”. 

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    Observer with role and speech 

    South Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis, speaking yesterday at RIK, referred to the role of the European Union, explaining the meaning of the “active observer”. According to Foreign Minister Christodoulidis, an active observer means that “he has a role and a say in the talks”. He cited as an example the talks before his termination in 2017 where the representative of the European Union had made, in several cases, interventions to present what is valid within the EU. Interventions that according to N. Christodoulidis were crucial in overcoming obstacles. 

    On the issue of non-invitation from the UN to participate, the Foreign Minister noted that there is still time until the informal pentagon and that the issue was discussed by the President of the European Council Charles Michel with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. N. Christodoulidis admitted that the non-sending of an invitation to the EU so far is due to the reactions that exist. 

    Question marks and procedures

    There are many questions as to what may emerge from the informal meeting in Geneva, such as whether the Turkish side will insist on these positions it is presenting today or maneuvering. 

    The Greek Cypriot side is preparing for all the possibilities and especially in the event of maneuvers from the Turkish side. That is why in his statements, the PTA stated that he is ready for talks, based on the decisions of the United Nations, etc. 

    Tomorrow’s Lute meetings may provide answers to the procedures and whether during the meetings in Geneva the parties will present their positions to the UN Secretary General in writing or not. 

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