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    Deadly floods ravage India and China

    A group of rare rhinos were among dozens of animals released in India’s northeastern Assam state… after they were rescued from the flood-hit Kaziranga National Park. Nine have drowned, and much of the land in the park is submerged under water. Rhinos, elephants, and deer have been forced to seek refuge on roads and in human settlements… Here’s Rathin Barman, the joint director of the park’s rescue center. “We have rescued about 57 numbers of elephant… 57 numbers of animals in this flood out of which we could release 37 numbers of animals.” Intense rain and floods in Assam have killed over 86 people and displaced nearly 3 million since May. Downpours have also impacted tea production in the region with prices jumping to record highs. The price spike could support the beleaguered Indian tea industry, which has struggled with rising production costs, but may limit New Delhi’s exports and boost shipments from rivals such as Kenya and Sri Lanka, according to multiple trade sources. Neighboring China is also suffering through some of its heaviest rainfall in decades. On Tuesday (July 21) a landslide blocked a tributary of the Yangtze river near the city of Enshi in neighboring Hubei province, creating a barrier lake that could possibly submerge nearby villages – triggering further evacuations. China’s state weather bureau said on Wednesday that the country was hit by fresh rounds of torrential rain this week, further raising flood risks throughout the country. The government has allocated $47 million in disaster relief funding to aid agricultural production in southern provinces. The fund is aimed at helping farmers resume work after the disaster and repairing damaged agricultural facilities, as well as reducing the loss of farm income.
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