CypriumNews Digital Media RateCard


• Prices are for one month of advertising.
• Unless stated otherwise, all banner ads are displayed on the Home Page & all
individual editorial pages.
• For any given banner ad space, a maximum of two adverts will be displayed, which
alternate when the user refreshes the page or clicks through to another page.
• Digital formats: RGB animated gif, jpg, and png. Single through to infinitely looping
banners are accepted. Max file size 60kb.
• For linking URLs, an active URL must be provided. Flash links must be hardcoded in
the format.
• Prices assume all artwork and video footage for digital media advertising
will be supplied ready-to-use.
• Sponsored news remains on permanently.
• Leaderboard 1 (top banner) 728px w x 90px h €700
• Top Slider (above Top Stories) 1366px w x 400px h €400*
• Leaderboard 2 (middle higher) 728px w x 90px h €600
• Skyscraper (tall banner on right) 300px w x 600px h €500
• MPU 1 (right side banner) 300px w x 300px h €400
• MPU 2 (lower right side) 300px w x 300px h €300

• Leaderboard 3 (middle lower) 728px w x 90px h €150*
(displayed on Home Page only) SPONSORED CONTENT • Featured news (home page & relevant editorial section) From 350

• Special offer (home page, Special Offers section & mailshot on
weekly e-newsletter) € 50
• Featured video (home page & audiovisual section) €200*
*Client to supply own copy and images for use in a 500-word article, which we may
edit further so the article is in keeping with Cypriumnews’s editorial style. Alternatively, we can
write the article entirely based on key points supplied by the client who will sign off the
copy in advance of publication.

This rate card is effective from 30 January 2019.

All adverts and entries are subject to conditions of CypriumNews.

If you have marketing ideas of your own or questions on how you can work with CypriumNews please get in touch – it costs nothing to ask!

You can contact our Sales team as follows:

By email, write to [email protected]

We look forward to working with you soon.