Cyprium News and Why



Cyprium News was set up after seeing so many sites reporting only one side of any story or very biased towards a party or a state, we found that the Divide also divided the people on the news.

Cyprium News was set up to address this divide by having a home for all Cypriots to be able to read what both sides are doing and saying.

Our goal is that any and all news in Cyprus north and south will be available without spin, we will report the facts and also all press releases by both sides of the divide without editing them.

Cyprium News is personally founded and run by dedicated editors who believe in the facts,

Cyprium News is not associated to any political party or any organisation and it will remain like this, all costs are paid for by the team, we have implemented advertising on the site to possibly offload some of the costs in the future.

All Readers are Welcome to Contribute to our site.

Cyprium News Editorial Team


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