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    Critical period for Euro-Turkish

    The next period is also crucial for the Euro-Turkish ones, which will occupy the European Union at various levels. Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey’s behavior, in general, are a matter of serious concern to the EU. 
    The leading role will be played by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who will go to Ankara on Monday, in an effort to record Turkey’s positions on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. The European Parliament will hold a session on Thursday to discuss the Turkish challenges, in the presence of Joseph Borrell. 
    On July 13, the Foreign Affairs Council will meet under Borel, at a meeting which, according to South Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis, “will not be the end, but the beginning of substantive discussions, at European level, on the future of Euro-Turkish relations.” and in general, Turkey’s behavior in the Eastern Mediterranean.
    ” The next day, July 14, Anastasiadis will be in Athens for consultations with the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, focusing on the Turkish actions to the detriment of the two countries.
    In view of the developments, the foreign ministers of South Cyprus and Greece had their first meeting yesterday, since last March, in order to coordinate their actions.
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    Referring to the current developments, Nikos Christodoulidis noted that “for a long time, Greece and Cyprus have pointed out to the European community, on the occasion of Turkey’s drilling in the EEZ of Cyprus, that calming Turkey will lead to an unprecedented escalation of behavior.
    And this is exactly what we are experiencing today in Cyprus, in Greece, in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq and beyond. ” coordinated and targeted actions undertaken by Greece and Cyprus at all levels “.
    For his part, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias pointed out that the next Foreign Affairs Council would consider in detail the issue of Turkish behavior, “because Turkish aggression touches upon the principles on which the EU is based and insults them.” According to N. Dendias: “Greece and Cyprus, as members of the EU, whose sovereignty is offended by Turkish delinquency, have repeatedly raised the issue with the European family.
    The European family has repeatedly condemned Turkey’s behavior, imposed sanctions and called on Turkey to comply with international law. 
    Turkey is deaf and continues to challenge. He has announced further investigations, which, if carried out, will open the bags of Aeolus in our area “. 
    The Greek Foreign Minister also said that the cooperation between Greece and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region, which contribute to “regional stability, promoting a positive development and prosperity agenda”, was discussed, while “they do not turn against anyone,” he said. no one. ” After all, in these efforts, as Mr. Dendias noted, countries such as the United States and France are showing great interest in participating in more and more sectors.  
    On the agenda are tensions between Turkey and the European Union
    EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borel will discuss the latest developments and tensions between Turkey and the European Union, as well as between Turkey and specific member states.
    Specifically, answering a question from KYPE, the representative of the Commission and the European External Action Service (EYED), Peter Stano, stated the following: to discuss the whole context of relations with Turkey, including the recent tensions and developments in our relations, both between Turkey and the EU, and between Turkey and certain Member States – which is extremely important. ” also noted that “the trip and the consultations express the importance we attach to our relations with Turkey, so if we have problems we will obviously discuss them with our partner.” He stressed that “Turkey is a candidate country for EU membership, an ally in NATO, and our relations must reflect all this.
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    As usual, we will share more information about the trip and the schedule later, when all the necessary arrangements have been completed and the details have been determined, “he concluded. Answering another question about the incident between Turkish and French ships off Libya, as well as the observance of the arms embargo imposed by the UN, Peter Stano noted: “In relation to the agenda of the next Council of Foreign Affairs (SEY), we announced earlier this week that Turkey and all points of our relations, all the escalation and the recent incidents, will be discussed on Monday, July 13. ». He explained that all issues related to Libya will be discussed by the High Representative in Ankara.
    Controversy against the background of the Eastern Mediterranean
    The fact that the European Parliament will discuss the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean next Thursday without adopting a resolution condemning Turkey is causing unrest in Cyprus. 
    DISY defends the ELK’s initiative to adopt a resolution, while AKEL supports the position of the European Left, which did not favor anything other than discussion. 
    AKEL spoke of “cheap populism” on the part of DISY through the reproduction of the announcement of the EPP, something that “affects the cause of our homeland”.
    According to AKEL, the Left group had requested in writing on June 24 that the issue of Turkey be discussed and that a resolution be adopted.
    At the last meeting of the Presidents of the Groups in the EC, it became clear that there was no majority to issue a resolution due to the stance of other political groups.
    AKEL reminds DISY that it is “the governments of the EPP – led by Germany – that continue to trade arms with Turkey and hand over warplanes to Erdogan. 
    DISY MEPs Lefteris Christoforou and Loukas Fourlas said in a statement that “if the Left and other political forces had adopted the position of the EPP, Greece and Cyprus and our national issues would have been strengthened and won.” They note that Manfred Weber’s initiative was, in addition to the discussion, to issue a strong resolution condemning Turkey.
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    They added: “Despite our strong position and efforts to pass a resolution condemning Turkey, it has not been adopted by the other political groups in the European Parliament. We express our regret for the stance of some political groups in the European Parliament regarding their negative stance on the adoption of a resolution.
    The result will be a debate next week in the European Parliament, but without a resolution condemning Turkey.
    In a statement, DISY notes that “unity is needed in the defense of our sovereign rights, both within the country and at the European Parliament level. This is the message that the country’s political parties need to send to the European groups they belong to. “
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