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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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    “Here’s what I think”: The Cyprus Problem and “any day now”

    Having this column scheduled to be every Monday was always going to create an enormous elephant in the room if one of Cyprus’ “anniversaries” ever happened on...

    Ticking timebomb of Cypriot-Turkish feud poses a headache for Nato and Europe

    The Cyprus conflict is often overlooked. Sure, there have been disputes, divisions, and dispossessions, but there hasn’t been war since 1974 and the last fatality was more...

    What happens the day after Turkey deploys Russian S-400s

    With Turkey set to receive its first delivery of long-range S-400 air defense missiles from Russia this month, the lengthy dispute between it and the United States...

    Turkey condemns the Greek Cypriot Administration’s presence at the NATO event

    The invitation of representatives of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, which does not have any status whatsoever...

    Here’s what I think: Boris “f******” Johnson

    Here we are then, ladies and gentlemen. After almost a decade of digging and scratching, we have finally reached the bottom of the barrel. Boris “f******” Johnson...

    NATO freezing out Turkey over S-400 purchase

    Turkish officials are being frozen out of crucial NATO military meetings and committees over increasing concerns about information security...

    “Here’s what I think”: The situation in Deneia

    Over the last few days Cyprus has been heating up, and its politics have been doing the same. In the last week tensions have flared up in...

    F35 Lightnings Jets arrive for Training in Cyprus

    Royal Navy aviators have touched down in Cyprus for six weeks of intensive training with Britain’s most advanced jet. Several...

    Here’s what I think: Özersay meeting Anastasiades

    I’m glad I decided to wait a bit for this week’s column, what with the public holiday and my life being a bit busy, as yesterday morning...

    Turkey pulling out of NATO body blow to alliance

    Turkey may pull out of NATO if unacceptable U.S. demands and threats continue, dealing the alliance a possibly fatal blow, an analyst has warned. "Turkey’s military is second...
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