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Camptogramma bilineata – the Yellow Shell Moth

Camptogramma bilineata - the Yellow Shell Moth

Ravensroost Nature Reserve, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

Family : Geometridae
Sub-Family : Larentiinae
Species : Camptogramma bilineata

Found throughout Europe and extending as far east as Russia. This is a very variable species both in colour and size, examples ranging from yellow through to dark brown. It is medium size and wingspan is 25-30mm. In the UK there is just one generation flying between June and August. It frequents many lowland habitats, especially hedgerows, gardens and meadows but can also be found in woodland, downland, and moorland habitats. Larvae feed on a variety of low-growing plants, including chickweed, sorrel, docks, and dandelions. Although it doesn’t usually fly until after dusk it can sometimes be seen flying during daylight hours as it is easily disturbed.

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