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Both sides handed over three more suspects through the UN


Bi-communal Technical Committee on Crime and Crimes Matters carried out the mutual extradition of three suspects through the United Nations (UN).

Upon completion of the preparatory work carried out for some time, the mutual extradition of the suspects was carried out by the officials of the Bi-communal Crime and Criminal Matters Technical Committee under UN supervision.

All three suspects, who were extradited, had been tried and convicted of their crimes on the side from which they fled.

Committee Co-Chair Hakkı Celal Önen said that this paves the way for the suspects to be brought before the judiciary on both sides for other crimes they have committed.

Jagtar Sighn, who is wanted for kidnapping, robbery and murder in Southern Cyprus,

George Christodoulou, who has 5 different criminal records, including the attempted murder, have been handed over to the judicial authorities of Southern Cyprus.

Ümit Ertuğrul, who was tried for theft and illegally passing through to Southern Cyprus, completed his conviction and was extradited to the TRNC authorities.