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    Anastasiadis: Famagusta issue is the reason for the interruption of Turkey’s European course

    Turkey must first calculate the cost since the issue of Famagusta will be the reason for the interruption of its European course, said Nikos Anastasiadis when asked about the Turkish plans for the settlement of the city.

    Asked whether he considered the reaction of the Council of Foreign Ministers “lukewarm” in relation to the Turkish provocations in the Mediterranean, Anastasiadis stated that he did not consider the reaction lukewarm. “I believe that an effort is being made so that through a peaceful process, especially dialogue, and always based on international law, all the margins are exhausted so that any crisis is avoided.”

    He expressed the assessment that the initiative taken by the western EU countries will contribute to the de-escalation of the tension in the region. “Of course, the final settlement of the issue is only through an honest dialogue and full – I emphasize – respect for international law and the law of the sea,” said Anastasiadis.

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