TRNC: 1080 tests done, 1 positive case

Coronavirus test

Minister of Health Ali Pilli explained that the number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 1080 and 1 positive case was encountered. Stating that the positive case is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, who came to our country by air, Pilli said that the contact of the Ministry of Health teams was followed by contact, and that the positive case Burhan Nalbantoğlu stated that his treatment was initiated in the State Hospital Quarantine Center. 

13 July 2020 Covid-19 general situation is as follows; 

Number of Tests Performed Today: 1080     

Number of Positive Cases detected today: 1   

Number of Healed and Discharged Cases-No  

Number of Cases Lost Today – no

Total Number of Tests Performed- 48,737   

Total Number of Cases- 116

Number of Healed and Total Discharged Cases – 104  

Number of Cases Under Treatment – 8 

Total Number of Lost Patients- 4 

Number of Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care – no

Kaynak: 1080 test yapıldı, 1 pozitif vaka

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