Erdoğan: “Turkey will continue to defend the interests of the TRNC together with its own interests”

In his written message for the opening of the Yavuz Drilling Vessel Farewell Program at the Belde Port in Dilovası, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that the TRNC has rights and interests as well as other riparian states in the energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Erdoğan pointed out the protection of these rights arising from international law is the primary duty of Turkey which is one of the three guarantor countries.

Erdoğan added “Turkey will continue to defend the interests of the TRNC as it is now together with its own interests.

Dönmez: “Yavuz will complete its operations in three months”

The Yavuz Drilling vessel for which we performed the farewell ceremony is the concrete and the clearest expression of Turkey’s determination. I believe that we will receive good news both from Fatih drilling vessel which is currently in the region and Yavuz drilling vessel, in the near future”.

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