All-Cypriot movement to campaign for the reunification of Cyprus

Open Meeting, 14th March 2019, Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London


On 15th February 2019, a broad group of representatives of UK Cypriot organisations met at Hackney Cypriot Association in London to discuss the potential to work together in pursuit of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

The meeting was prompted by serious concern among many Cypriots at the lack of political progress in relation to the Cyprus problem and, in particular, at the prolonged absence of any negotiations.

This meeting was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere and centred on concern about the future of Cyprus. Discussion revolved around the need for co-ordinated action by as many organizations and individuals as possible aimed at a solution of the Cyprus issue within the agreed United Nations framework; on the basis of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, with a single sovereignty, a single nationality and one international personality.

Participants at that meeting unanimously agreed to call a larger, open meeting, inviting anyone who shares these to aims, to join them in exploring the potential to set up a movement of all Cypriot communities to campaign for the reunification of Cyprus.

The following proposal was discussed and agreed at the Open Meeting:

Key proposition

to set up a broad-based, inclusive movement of all Cypriots to campaign for the reunification of Cyprus


Movement for a United CyprusPrinciples*The movement will comprise of individuals and organisations who endorse the following


The movement will comprise of individuals and organisations who endorse the following principles:

– Endorsement of the reunification of Cyprus based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation, with political equality, as set out in the relevant Security Council Resolutions and the High Level Agreements; a united Cyprus, which as a member of the United Nations and the European Union, shall have a single international legal personality, a single sovereignty and a single citizenship.

– Endorsement of the role of civil society in mobilising support for such a settlement

– Endorsement of an inclusive movement, namely:

Cypriots from all communities and non-Cypriots are welcome

People of all political persuasions are welcome

Non-discrimination on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and disability

*The principles are non-negotiable. People and organisations who agree to support the movement will have to pledge their support to these principles, mindful that this is a civil society platform and not a forum for partisan debates.


– To work for the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of the principles set out above

– To bring together individuals and organisations who share these principles under an all-Cypriot movement to campaign for the reunification of Cyprus

– To mobilise support for a united Cyprus and to increase awareness of the benefits of a reunited country

– To influence decision makers in all key centres of power and to push for a negotiated just and lasting settlement based on the principles outlined above

– To promote friendship and solidarity among all Cypriots


To achieve these aims, we propose three main strands of activity:

1. Campaigning

The establishment of a broad based campaign, harnessing social and other media, to galvanise and demonstrate public support for a settlement and the island’s reunification.

2. High level advocacy

The establishment of a representative sub-group tasked with making the case with decision makers in key centres of power, with a view to pressing the Cypriot people’s demand for the island’s reunification.

3. Intercommunal engagement

The organisation of all-Cypriot social, cultural, sporting and other events in the community in order to promote greater understanding, friendship and solidarity.

Next steps

– To establish an organising committee to lead the movement and co-ordinate its actions

– To establish a supporter’s network and to sign up supporters and volunteers to help

– To begin work on a campaign plan and the establishment of the advocacy sub-group