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    Akinci also reacts to the US military cooperation Agreement

    “It is not clear how regional stability can benefit from bilateral military cooperation between the United States and southern Cyprus and the increase in such programs,” the statement said. and Training (IMET) in South Cyprus.

    Instead of cooperating with a broad dialogue with all stakeholders, given the growing tension in the eastern Mediterranean and setting the goal of expanding regional stability in line with the strategy in the eastern Mediterranean, President Akinci said in a statement. the program cannot contribute to stability in the region.

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    It is clear, he continues, that no action should be taken by ignoring the rights and interests of all parties, either in terms of the management and sharing of Cyprus’ natural resources, or issues concerning the whole region, and that unilateral and bilateral initiatives “affect negatively the ongoing efforts between the two sides on the island and achieving stability in the region “.

    The way for the United States to contribute to regional peace and stability, despite military support and cooperation, goes through the promotion of constructive dialogue and cooperation between the parties in Cyprus and between regional actors, the written statement of the “presidency” concludes.


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