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    Airfares prices have gone UP!

    Return to London as high as 4,578 TL

    Airline ticket prices very high

    The rise in the currency, taxes and a lack of demand have increased as airfare prices…

    It was also a dream to wait for tourists to come to the country due to the high ticket prices.

    Airfare prices have increased a lot compared to before the pandemic.

    There is only one direct flight per day to other provinces of Turkey other than Istanbul, and all flights must be from Istanbul.

    Ticket prices for weekend flights are even more expensive than during the week.

    There is a round trip ticket to Turkey for 2,600 TL classed as economic from TRNC to Istanbul airports, the price of a round trip ticket with standard baggage allowance is a minimum of 747 TL, a maximum of 1,916 TL.

    Ticket prices also vary by selected day and time.

    tickets beteen 370 TL and 1,522 TL TRNC-Istanbul airfares.

    Istanbul-TRNC airfare prices also range from 251 TL to 906 TL.

    Passengers who travel from Ercan Airport to Ankara Esenboga Airport and who come to Ercan from Esenboga will have to pay significanty more.

    The lowest airfare price is 1,055 TL; the price can be as high as 2,270 TL.

    Going to Izmir and returning to trnc is no longer as cheap as before the pandemic.

    The minimum amount paid between Ercan Airport and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 1,070 TL and the round trip ticket price is up to 2,600TL according to the day and time.

    8,686 London,

    London destination that many citizens from our country prefer to go for family and friends visits. Those who want to go from TRNC to London can find tickets cheapest 1,600 TL, the price can go up to 4034 TL. Return ticket prices for those coming or going to TRNC from London range from 116 TL to 4,578 TL.

    Those who buy two-way flights from TRNC to London and from London to TRNC pay a minimum of TL 2,796 and a maximum of TL 8,686.

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