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    Activist Wong launches bid for HK legislature

    Prominent democracy activist Joshua Wong applied on Monday (July 20) to run for a seat in Hong Kong’s legislature. It raises the prospect of a battle with the Chinese-run city’s authorities — he was barred from running in previous polls. [Joshua Wong:] “Under the chilling effect generated by Beijing, someone might doubt that – will Hongkongers give up. But I believe when I choose to run for office, it’s time to put the global spotlight (on) Hong Kong’s election. We aim and wish to take (the) majority in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council election to prove we are the majority, and the voice of the pro-democracy camp, especially the progressive wing, our voice must not be silenced.” Wong is one of more than a dozen young, more confrontational politicians who outshone old guard democrats in unofficial opposition primaries this month – in what many saw as a protest vote against a national security law imposed by Beijing. The vote on September 6 will see the pro-democracy opposition try to reclaim some political influence in a city assembly stacked with Beijing loyalists. Only half its seats are directly elected. Political analysts and democracy activists expect authorities will try to disqualify some candidates. [Joshua Wong:] “With the threat of being extradited to China, with the uncertainty to (be) sent to black jails in Beijing, with the possibility (of) facing life sentencing, today is the third week of (the) implementation of the national security law. I still hope to run for office, and receive the people’s mandate, and let the world know that we will continue our fight until our last breath.” Beijing says the primaries were illegal and may have violated the security law, which punishes what China calls secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison.
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