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    “A critical step towards negotiations”

    The United States Ambassador to Cyprus Judith G. Garber, the end of April will be held in Geneva 5 + 1 informal meeting on Cyprus “is involved in a serious way, finding common areas,” .

    The United States Ambassador to Cyprus gave a private interview to the Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK) prior to the 5+ UN unofficial Cyprus summit to be held in Geneva between 27-29 under the auspices of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres .

    “The Eastern Mediterranean continues to be a region of great importance for the USA”

    Answering the question regarding the attitude of the Joe Biden administration on the Cyprus problem and whether the Cyprus issue is among its priorities, Ambassador Garber said, “The Eastern Mediterranean continues to be a region of great importance for the USA. There is continuity between the old administration and this administration regarding this approach regarding the Eastern Mediterranean. We are really striving to help and support the prosperity and stability of the Eastern Mediterranean region. And this approach comes from a more global vision, ”.


    “The parties should be seriously involved in the informal 5 + UN meeting”

    Ambassador Garber, on the question of the US’s expectation from the unofficial 5 + UN Cyprus meeting to be held at the end of April, said, “The US hopes that the parties will get involved seriously and seize this opportunity to find common areas so that we can start official negotiations again”.

    “We continue to desire a permanent and just bi-zonal, bi-zonal federal solution”

    Regarding the possibility of the US appointing a special representative for Cyprus in the event that the Cyprus negotiations resume, Garber said, “There are no official negotiations at the moment. The essential process for the USA; It is carried out by Cypriots under the supervision of the United Nations and on the basis of the United Nations Security Council resolutions. 

    The United States is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and we continue to desire a bi-zonal, bi-zonal federal solution based on UN Security Council resolutions, which is permanent and just.

    Garber continued by saying, “We all hope that the 5 + UN meeting will result in an agreement on a common ground. Therefore, this meeting is encouraging and we hope the parties will seize this opportunity.”

    “If the parties agree on an alternative solution model, this will be taken to the Security Council”

    Reminding that the ideas of a “loose federation” and “two-state” solution to the Cyprus problem outside the federation were expressed and that the UN Secretary-General Guterres announced at the informal meeting that “he would be open to new ideas in the Cyprus solution “, and if the parties agree to negotiate a new solution model, the United States’ Garber said:

    “I think the idea of ​​the informal meeting is to see the possibility of finding common ground, with the two sides coming together, presenting their own visions, concerns and troubles, and the UN taking on a facilitating role. I will not make any predictions about what kind of common ground will emerge from this meeting, but if there are differences from the Security Council resolutions, I think this will be carried to the Security Council. “

    “We are partners of Cyprus, we are allies of all guarantor powers … And we are very interested in the solution of the Cyprus problem”

    When asked what the US position as a permanent member of the Security Council would be if Guterres carried an alternative solution model that the parties would agree on to the Security Council, Garber said, “I will not make predictions about a situation that we have not seen such a thing happening yet. We hope that the parties take this opportunity seriously and seize this opportunity and we will see that the official negotiations are progressing again, because the solution of the Cyprus problem is so important for the stability and prosperity of the Eastern Mediterranean region …

    The United States is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Cyprus’. “We are partners of Turkey and allies of all guarantor powers, so we are very interested in the solution of the Cyprus problem,”.

    “The 5 + UN meeting is a critical step”

    In response to a question about what should be the next step to be taken in order to make progress towards the federation in the Cyprus negotiations, which have been carried out on the basis of the Federation for more than 50 years but have not yielded a result, Garber said:

    “The important thing is that formal negotiations resume, because if you are not in a real negotiation process, you cannot make any progress on a solution. We see the 5 + UN meeting at the end of April as a critical step in this direction. We all look forward to this meeting. “

    “The important thing is to look ahead”

    When the Greek side did not respond to the “goodwill and flexibility” of the Turkish side during the negotiation processes of the Cyprus problem , it caused a change in the position towards the “two-state” solution model on the Turkish side, and when the Turkish Cypriots were asked about their disappointment after the Annan Plan, Garber said, “I think. the important thing is to look ahead. Therefore, we hope that both sides take this opportunity seriously and put forward their own visions of what they think might be progress, and goodwill will emerge.

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