TRNC: Schools completely close, New Rules

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TRNC: Schools completely close, New Rules 15

The decisions taken at the 9 September meeting of the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee were announced.

The most striking one of the decisions taken at the meeting was the decision to postpone the activities of all educational institutions (including classrooms, study centers, course locations) until October 1, 2020, except for institutions providing special education and kindergartens (0-3 years old).

The decisions taken were explained as follows:

  1. Banning of entertainment venues (club, disco, casino, bingo, cinema, theater, fairs, etc.) until October 1, 2020

  2. Tables in bars, restaurants and taverns should not be larger than 6 people and should be arranged so that tables are 2 meters apart. In the bars, accepting customers with the above-mentioned table layout, not accepting standing customers

  3. Warning hairdressers, beauty centers and barbers to comply with the rules, serious inspections (by the municipality, Ministry of Labor, security forces, etc.)

  4. Closing massage parlors

  5. Prohibition of birthdays, circumcision ceremonies, weddings, religious festivals and mass worship until October 01, 2020, restricting funeral ceremonies to the participation of First Degree relatives

  6. Postponement of the activities of all educational institutions (including private teaching institutions, study centers, course locations) until October 1, 2020, except for private education institutions and nurseries (0-3 years old)

  7. Training, competition, indoor sports and camps are not held until October 1, 2020. Continuation of individual sports outdoors and in halls; (with the condition that there are max 25 people in sports halls of 200 m2 and above, max 15 people in sports halls between 100-200m2, max 10 people in sports halls between 50-100 m2, max 5 people in 50 m2 sports halls) without spectators to be done.

  8. Considering the quarantine capacity, the Ministry of Finance will limit the flights to two flights a day and the ship flights to once a day (75 passengers), provided that the people coming to our country remain in quarantine. Limitation or cancellation of flight and ship flights in cases where quarantine accommodation of future passengers cannot be provided

  9. Closure of playgrounds and parks (indoor or outdoor) until 1 October

  10. University students’ coming to the island as of September 20 (except in necessary cases) After September 20, they are quarantined for 7 days in dormitories or hotels inspected and approved by the Ministry of Health by the universities. Restricting the daily number of students so that the university quarantine centers do not exceed the capacity

  11. The cancellation of the rally and mass meetings until October 1, the TV programs to be made on the television screens with a maximum of 3 people in studios with an area of ​​15-25m2, a maximum of 5 people in studios with an area of ​​25-50m2, and a program of a maximum of 10 people in studios with an area of ​​50-100m2 (designated person the number includes the presenter and cameraman)


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