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YSK announced today that election bans will begin 15

The Supreme Election Council announced that today, the beginning of the Presidential election to be held on October 11, election bans will also begin.

According to the announcement from the Supreme Election Board, the election bans will continue until the day of voting.

The people of the TRNC will go to the ballot box on October 11 to elect the President, who will serve for 5 years, and vote on the Constitutional amendment that envisages increasing the number of Supreme Court judges. The calendar of elections and referendums announced by the Supreme Election Board begins tomorrow. In the same framework, election bans will begin tomorrow.

Applications for nominations will be made on September 4th and YSK will temporarily announce the candidates. The finalized candidates will be announced on September 14, and the propaganda of the election and referendum will begin on September 15.

Opinion polls and surveys regarding the election and referendum will be published until September 26. Election propaganda will end on October 10th.


The calendar announced by the YSK is as follows:

Today:  Starting date of the election and referendum;

September 1: The  last day of nomination by political parties;

September 4: The  day to apply for candidacy;

September 4:  Temporary announcement of candidates by Supreme Election Board;

September 6:  suspension of ballot box voter lists (ballot box voter lists remain suspended for 7 days from the day they are suspended);

September 13:  Finalization of candidates;

September 13:  Announcement by the Supreme Election Council of the drawing of names among candidates for the issue of ballot papers;

September 14:  Announcement of the finalized candidates by the Supreme Election Board;

September 14:  Preparing ballot papers and drawing lots for wall postings before Supreme Election Council;

September 15: the  starting day of the election and referendum propaganda

September 20:  Deadline for political parties and independent candidates to petition the Supreme Election Board

September 21: The  last day of the completion of ballot box voter lists (If there are corrections, this issue is notified to political parties)

September 26:  Deadline for the publication of opinion polls and surveys on the Election and referendum

October 8:  Deadline for distributing voter cards;

October 10:  The last day of the election and referendum propaganda;

October 11:  Voting day.

The Presidential election, which was announced by the Supreme Election Board to be held on April 26, was postponed to October 11 in accordance with the decision taken by the Republican Assembly by majority vote due to COVID-19.

The last Presidential election in the TRNC was held in 2015.

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