“UK is being placed in ‘B’ Catagory”

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Ali Pilli

Within the Contagious Diseases Law; In line with the decision taken by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee that convened on 10 August 2020,

Persons coming to the island from the UK as of 13 August 2020 (including 13 August 2020) with documented PCR test result of Negative made between three and five days before the boarding date will be able to enter the TRNC with the registration.

However, these people will stay in home isolation for 7 days. During the isolation, no visitors will be allowed or accepted to the home.

Persons who are found to be in violation of home isolation rules during the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Health will be placed in the hotel quarantine.

2280 tests today in the TRNC, 8 positive cases

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