Akinci reacts to Ankara’s proposal for talks with Ozersay

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Akinci reacts to Ankara's proposal for talks with Ozersay 15

President Mustafa Akinci issued a written statement in response to reports that Ankara had offered the Greek Cypriot side to hold talks with Kundret Ozersay on his behalf, on hydrocarbon issues, in its contacts with the EU. .

“The power and democratic legitimacy of the Turkish Cypriot ‘president’, who is elected by the Turkish Cypriot ‘people’, and whom the UN and other international actors know and talk to and who has been treated as the leader of the Turkish Cypriots for many years, is not under discussion “, Akinci states in the written statement, as it is transmitted in the TRNC.

He said that the parameters of the Cyprus issue, which have been accepted for many years, include holding talks between the leaders of the two communities, on any issue that concerns the two communities.

According to Akinci, this is one of the reasons why the technical committees, which continue their work on various issues, have been set up after an agreement between the two leaders.

“Contacts between ministries or at ministerial level are not possible under the current circumstances. It is for this reason that the health ministers (of both sides) could not meet even for the pandemic crisis. “It is unlikely that the foreign ministers will meet on an equal footing,” said the President.

He stated that the attempt to replace the community and international, in his expression, role and powers of the “Turkish Cypriot president” with a person who is not authorized by the “people”, is a hostile act.

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