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South Cyprus marks 46 years since coup d’état by Greece 15

Sirens wailed as Cyprus marked the 46th anniversary of the Greek-backed military coup of 1974 which toppled the democratically elected president of Cyprus, the late Archbishop Makarios, and opened the door to the Turkish intervention.

Sirens sounded at 0820 local time — the time the coup unfolded. A memorial service will take place early in the morning, at the church of Constantinou & Elenis in the presence of President Nicos Anastasiades,  political party leaders, government officials, and other dignitaries.

Anastasiades will also attend a special session of the House of Representatives, to denounce the coup and the Turkish intervention and honor those who sacrificed their lives to defend democracy and their country.

Wreaths will be laid at the tombs of those killed defending the Republic. Political parties will also hold special events in various towns to commemorate the dead and condemn the crime against Cyprus. Similar events will be held in various countries abroad where Greek Cypriots reside.

Editors Note, they denounce the coup but fly the Greek Flag on this day in honor?. 

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