Ministry of Health has released new entry details to the TRNC

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KKTC Health Ministry

“In line with the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health, the regulations to be applied at the entrance and exit to TRNC are listed below.”

  1. A) Persons working in Cyprus, educated and treated will be able to continue their travels to Southern Cyprus provided that they have PCR tests every 15 days. These people who have passed 15 days since the last PCR test as of July 21, 2020 will be able to move to Southern Cyprus after a new PCR test. Testsat  Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and Famagusta State Hospital.

B) Apart from work, education, and treatment, people passing from TRNC to Southern Cyprus will be able to have a PCR test once and continue their departure to the south, provided they have been on the island for the last 14 days. These people will also be given randomized PCR tests.

  1. All citizens residing in Pile will be able to make a permanent transition from Pile or Pile to North provided that they show a one-time PCR negative test result in their first pass.

  2. A) From the countries in category A, those who have a negative PCR test result document made in the TRNC or Southern Cyprus within the last 72 hours will be able to enter the country through all land Checkpoints without testing or quarantine. However, those who cannot submit PCR results will only be able to enter the country through these two Checkpoints, as PCR testing can only be done at the Metehan and Beyarmudu borders.

These people will be kept in quarantine until the test results are available and the test and quarantine fees will be covered by the passenger.

B) to Northern Cyprus via Turkey from another country, category B rules shall apply.

  1. A) Those who will enter the country until 20 July 2020 (including 20.07.2020) will be able to enter the country provided they show a PCR Negative test results, that is between 0 and 5 days before the travel date, are shown.

As of July 21, 2020, those coming to the TRNC from countries in category B will be able to enter the country by showing the negative PCR test results they have done between three and five days before the start of the trip.
These people will be given a second PCR test upon entering the TRNC. Until the results come out, those who have hotel reservations will insulate themselves at the hotel, and those who will stay at home will insulate themselves st there promises. When these people results are PCR Negative, the isolation times will be completed. Travel agencies will be responsible for passengers who do not comply with this rule.


trips to the Republic of Turkey are now possible for short 5 days including short-term trips if there is a PCR test done within the last 3 days in the TRNC, .

On the return to the TRNC, the 2nd PCR test will be carried out at arrives sea or airports and it is necessary to isolated at home or at your accommodation until the test result is available.

5 days after the date of entry to the TRNC, one should apply to Lefkosa Dr Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and another PCR test should be done.

Traveling to the TRNC short-term of 5-day trip to Turkey,  a PCR test should be performed no more e than 72- to 120 hours in Turkey. Otherwise, TRNC will not allow passengers to travel.

C) Territors outside the South, persons entering the TRNC Cyprus or Turkey within the scope of the category of the country, 14 days accommodation quarantine conditions will apply. If they stay in these countries for less than 14 days, they will be subject to the quarantine conditions of their first country they travel to the TRNC.

  1. For those coming from countries in category C, must have a document the PCR test result, which has been negative between three and five days before the flight date, when they enter the TRNC. These people will be given a 2nd PCR test when entering the country and will be quarantined at a quarantine center determined by the Ministry of Health for 14 days. At the end of the quarantine, they will exit the quarantine by taking the 3rd PCR tests.
  1. Given the decrease in the number of UK cases, it is anticipated that flights from this country to the island may begin on July 16, 2020.

Those who will come to the island from the UK on July 16 will be able to enter the island with the PCR Negative test result, three and five days before the flight date.

All Passengers will be taken to a 7-day quarantine and taking their 2nd PCR. At the end of the quarantine, they will exit the quarantine by taking the 3rd PCR tests.

TRNC citizens and TRNC citizens who reside in TRNC will be exempted from quarantine fees. Other than that, people entering the country from the UK will meet the test and quarantine fees themselves.

  1. The staff of the diplomatic mission, the UN, the EU, the British Bases Area and similar international organizations in Cyprus will be asked to show the COVID-19 negative result once in the first pass. However, TRNC citizens working in the buffer zone will be asked to show their COVID-19 negative test results every 15 days when they enter the country and their UN local staff and TRNC citizens working in the British Base Zones.

Legal action will be taken against those who do not comply with the decisions taken to protect public health under the Communicable Diseases Law.

1- PCR tests of people who have been outside the island in the last 14 days and will pass through South Cyprusto Northern Cyprus are performed only at Metehan and Beyarmudu Land gates.

2nd-. The quarantine fee is 265 TL per day (including meals) and the test fee is 300 TL. Quarantine fees and test fees will be paid at the hotel. Children aged 4-6 (including 6 years old) will be exempt from quarantine fees.

3- PCR test results will not be requested from children in the 0-2 age group who will enter the country.

4- The period of three to five days prior to the boarding date specified above will be evaluated based on the date of issuance of PCR samples.

5- PCR test results obtained 6 days before or before the travel date will not be valid at the entrance to the country. Those who submit tests in this way will not be admitted to the country.

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