Tatar: we will not play HPs Games

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Ersin Tatar

The chairman Ersin Tatar explained that the Zoning Plane was extended until July 15, responded to HP statement “whatever our opinion will be, we will not Play HPs game ”.

Ersin Tatar, Özersay’s Zoning plan does not come to life the coalition will not be meaningful, “I do not sign this way. If these changes are not accepted, if they are not implemented in a modified way, the other side’s claim remains there for them. “Anyway, it will be our opinion. We don’t come to HPs games like this. We bring some suggestions. They have to be taken seriously. ”

Tatar also said that if Ayşegül Baybars does not allow this, if his suggestions are not accepted by the Minister of the Interior, Ayşegül Baybars, then the job goes elsewhere. ”

You got One month from Özersay to UBP

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