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Nikos Anastasiadis and Mustafa Akinci

On July 20, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative will finally inform the UN SA via teleconference. UN Secretary-General for Cyprus Elizabeth Spehar spoke about the content of the Guterres report, which concerns, among other things, the operation of the peacekeeping force on the island in recent months amid a pandemic, and developments in UNFICYP’s terms on the island. She will also brief members of the UN Security Council on developments related to the good services of the Secretary-General. of the UN in the Cyprus issue.

For all of the above, Elizabeth Spehar will have a telephone call next week with both Nikos Anastasiadis and Mustafa Akinci. These processes are part of the UN General Assembly vote on July 29 on the six-month renewal of UNFICYP’s term on the island.

In a resolution to renew UNFICYP’s term last January, UN Security Council members called on both sides to prepare written updates and submit them to the GMO’s Good Service Mission. of the UN, which will be attached to the Guterres report.

The written information from the Gree Cypriot side has been forwarded to the head of the peacekeeping force since mid-June and includes all the developments around the good services of the secretary-general. of the UN.

A key aspect of the written information prepared by the Greek Cypriot side is the fact that the pandemic and the Turkish provocation in the wider region did not leave much room for shaping conditions that in turn lead to an improvement in the climate in the Cyprus issue.

Reports from the President’s Office send the message that Anastasiadis and Akinci on the island are taking steps to create a good atmosphere, despite the efforts of Turkey and the Turkish army.

The written information includes, among other things, references to Turkey’s challenges in the Cyprus EEZ and Ankara’s ongoing drilling “contrary to international law”, which does not allow for the immediate resumption of any negotiations, according to the President. There are also special reports regarding the plans promoted by Ankara and the “government” regarding the opening of the Varosia (point 12 of the previous resolution), which in turn is problematic and creates tension which does not it allows conditions to lead to negotiations.

” All violations and provocations of the Turkish army in the dead zone are also recorded. such as last February in Nicosia (item 11 of the previous resolution) and the developments in Strovilia (item 12 of the previous resolution). It also records what happened in relation to the roadblocks until the day of the submission of the written information.

The positives

On the one hand, the negative references to the written information submitted by the Greek Cypriot side focus on the Turkish challenges, the actions of the Turkish army on the island and the plans and actions of the “government” and on the other hand the positive reports have so much to do with the operation of the bi-communal technical committees, as well as with the communication and understanding of Anastasiadis and Akinci.

An important role in the reports is by the element of cooperation on humanitarian issues and the extinguishing of fires in the TRNC recently.

Specifically, Anastasiadis included the action and the continuous communication of the two sides within the framework of the bi-communal Technical Technical Committee on Health Issues, through which they received support in relation to humanitarian issues.

It is also noted that the bi-communal committee met regularly through teleconferences in the middle of a pandemic so that there was a picture of the situation on each side.

Reference is also made to the telephone communications between Nikos Anastasiadis and Mustafa Akinci, through which the sending of medicines and protective equipment to the Turkish Cypriot side emerged, as well as the understanding regarding the gradual opening of the roadblocks in coordination (the point where they existed). obstacles on the part of the GC government).

Both in the report of the secretary-general In relation to the good services in the Cyprus issue, as revealed by “P” last Monday, as well as in the written information sent to the peacekeeping force by Anastasiadis, the feeling prevails that the pandemic affected any processes, while there is no intention to support responsibilities between the Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot side. Priority in the current phase was given to the transfer of the big picture as perceived by Anastasiadis, which puts as the main negative protagonists of the developments around the Cyprus issue, and more broadly the communication and cooperation between the two sides, Turkey, the Turkish army and the Greek Cypriot Government. The prevailing feeling is that no particular problems and pitfalls are expected in relation to the renewal of the UNFICYP term.

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