South Cyprus: Two more coronavirus cases, both with travel history

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Two people — both with a travel history — have tested positive for coronavirus after 1159 tests, bringing the total to 1010, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

The two positive cases are:

  • one from 220 tests from private initiative. The person has a recent travel history — a Cypriot who came to Cyprus from Saudi Arabia through Germany on July 6.
  • one from 361 tests from checks of travelers and repatriates. This concerns a Serb tourist who came to Cyprus through Bulgaria on July 8. He presented an antibodies test which was not accepted and underwent a test at the airport.

In addition the following tests were carried out, all with negative results:

  • 56 tests from the tracing of contacts of already confirmed cases
  • 231 tests from the programme of 10,000 employees who returned to work as part of phase two and three of the reopening of the economy
  • 102 tests from hospital labs
  • 48 tests from the programme by the Justice Ministry for court employees
  • 141 tests from referrals of personal doctors and checks of special groups through the public health clinics

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