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Politis noted that Spehar presented her report on the 6-month activities of the Peace Force to the UN Security Council, that she will discuss the content with the teleconference method separately with President  Mustafa Akıncı and President Nikos Anastasiadis, and will inform the members of the Security Council on Friday.

Will be voted on July 29 to extend the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force, if there is no unexpected development, after Spehar’s briefing, after the necessary consultations among the permanent members of the Security Council.

Regarding the content of the report to be voted on in the news, the British, who played the “penholder” role in the Security Council on these issues, and Germany, who chaired the UN Security Council in this period, and the USA, which has shown a general discourse and attitude about the Peace Corps missions in the last two years, will point out that the US will play an important role. It was.

sources who know the content of Spehar’s report addressed “this time especially how the pandemic has changed the agenda on the Island and how the Peace Force is adapted to pandemic cases in order to fulfill its mission”.

at this point in the report, due to the restrictions brought by the Turkish Cypriot side due to the pandemic, the problems and difficulties (replenishment by helicopter, not being able to cross the Greek side, etc.) are expected.

However, it will be noted that cooperation between the two parties is limited in the fight against the new type of coronavirus. Of course, it will also focus on cases where cooperation has been observed, such as consultations between the bi-communal health technical committee or some contacts between Akıncı and Anastasiadis.

However, although the new type of coronavirus may create an opportunity to deepen the cooperation, it will also be mentioned that the two sides could not adequately evaluate it.

The issue of direct coordination mechanisms between the two sides, which has not been much progress in the past 6 months, will also be addressed, but none of the parties will be held responsible.

Violations in the previous period will also be mentioned.

Statements on the Cyprus problem, in general, will be limited, because the pandemic has completely changed the agenda of both sides, and the UN will show absolute understanding and respect.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Hristodulidis, who is still in contact with Germany and Britain, seems to have confirmed that there will be no complications, according to the newspaper, which noted that there is no problem with regard to the extension of the Peacekeepers’ mandate, but it cannot be said exactly what will happen in behind-the-scenes consultations.

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