Pilli announced that his ministry could not get enough test kits due to the law and that they currently have 2,400 kits

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Ali Pilli

Health Minister Ali Pilli said that they wanted the construction of the pandemic hospital but could not be done, but the health infrastructure of the country was prepared for a possible epidemic.

After the authorization of the process was granted to the ministry, the necessary regulations will be prepared quickly, and whatever is necessary to be done scientifically.

Health Minister Pilli announced that his ministry could not get enough test kits due to the law and that they currently have 2,400 kits, but 4,000 donation kits will reach them today.

Ali Pilli, Minister of Health, responded to the speeches made before the voting of the draft law on the disabled in the General Assembly.

 it was a difficult pandemic process, and noted that the infrastructure of the country before is not the same as the current infrastructure.

This process, the health infrastructure was improved with the support of all segments, the bed capacity and the number of ventilators were increased.

There was a 6-bed intensive care in the neurology department, and the infrastructure of the standing diagnostic center was prepared. 


Explaining that the Ministry of Health has made a request to build the pandemic hospital, but it has not been approved until now, but the bed capacity to be used in case of need has been developed, Pilli pointed out that necessary steps have been taken in the fight against the pandemic even though they have some problems in general health.


Explaining that they are working to provide all kinds of hardware, perhaps they can not explain them very well, but the entire infrastructure is prepared against a possible epidemic, Pilli said that the nurses will be monitored with camera systems without any risk, and the capacity of 40 beds is ready for this.

Stating that they will put the last point as a ministry in the pandemic hospital discussions, Pilli noted that the necessary measures were taken.

The regulations under the Infectious Diseases Act will be implemented quickly and whatever is necessary to do it scientifically.


They could not get enough test kits as the Ministry of Health and that this is due to the laws, nobody wanted to sign the Orders, and that the kits are not finished, they have 2,400 kits.

Stating that 4 thousand kits will be delivered today, Pilli said that the kit sorted will be finished within this week and the responsibility is in the Ministry of Health.

Stating that the staff shortage is not a problem, they have already started to employment to eliminate this problem and hired 50 more nurses,

Pilli also pointed out the decision of Citizens working and training in the Greek part to perform a test every 15 days, and noted that these tests should be done not immediately but within 15 days after this decision.

Pilli answered the questions and explained the work done.


He noted that the tests were made at 300 TL in the first place due to the purchase prices, but the test prices will decrease as the kit purchase prices decrease.

Pilli said that if he had been “a little bit upset” over support by the press and public opinion, Pilli said that pandemic hospital would have been built today and infrastructure problems would have been eliminated..

there are no health problems in the South and that workers and students will not be victimized.

The world is starting to open now, and the category decisions made about the countries are made according to science, not politically.

After the speeches, the bill was voted and unanimously approved.


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