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“In order not to allow a legal gap that may arise with the cancellation decision of the Council of Ministers, it has urgently revised its decision dated July 1, 2020 and these decisions have been announced with some changes.

Our Ministry categorized countries according to their risk groups in these decisions and redefined the entry rules according to the country of each category.

Accordingly, people who come to the TRNC from the countries in category A were granted the right to enter the country without quarantine provided that the PCR result they had made before 72 hours was negative.

Those who do not offer PCR will both pay the PCR fee and enter short-term quarantine.

The short-term quarantine fee is 45 Euro, and the PCR test fee is 300 TL.

The countries that are in category B will be applied 72 hours before July 8, 2020 and a PCR test rule will be applied by our ministry,

ie double PCR rule will be applied when they come to our country with a negative PCR.
Until the result of PCR in our country, those who have hotel reservations must insulate themselves in hotels and those who will stay at home must insulate themselves in their homes.
Necessary legal investigations will be initiated regarding those who will act against this,
in order not to endanger the public health in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act. Whether the Person isolation conditions are fully applied in both hotels and households will be checked by the authorities.

The quarantine continues under the 14-day state supervision for people who will come to the TRNC from the countries in category C.

Our ministry has made some changes to Cyprus, which is another important issue, in our Checkpoints;

Employees and students who have the right to pass to to the South with a single PCR must now renew their PCR tests every 15 days.
The control and implementation of this should be done within 15 days from today, until 21 July. Employees and students who have the right to pass by one PCR to the South has to renew PCR tests every 15 days.

Greek Cypriot Administration citizens and citizens of other countries who will enter the island from the South Cyprus and reside in Southern Cyprus for more than 14 days will be able to come to the TRNC with a negative PCR report 72 hours in advance.

those who want to come to the TRNC from the Greek Cypriot side, whether they are TRNC citizens or not, must certify that they were residing in the South Cyprus for the last 14 days and have a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours before entering into the TRNC and thus they will not have to be under quarantine. If they travelled to another country from South Cyprus in the last 14 days, the conditions of the country which they visited will be applied to them.

If the TRNC citizens who have passed the 3-day PCR test for a trip to the South and other purposes return to their country before the validity date of the PCR, no new PCR test will be requested. However, a new PCR test will be carried out at the Checkpoint for TRNC citizens whose PCR expires. For this, 300 TL PCR test fee will be applied.

Our Ministry will convene the Upper Committee for Infectious Diseases at the date intervals it sets after today and take additional measures according to the course of the disease and the epidemic of the countries.

As the Ministry, our most basic and essential duty is to protect public health.

We, our healthcare teams and our ministry, will continue to take all the necessary measures without any influence.

Material and legislative problems have disappeared in another important test kit, and the necessary kit and equipment supply has started.

Our ministry has launched a new initiative on the subject of Pandemic hospital and this initiative will be decided within 3 days.

All decisions and developments will be shared with the public transparently. The most severe penal sanction will be imposed on those who act against the infectious diseases law to protect public health.

We reiterate our call to all our guests and citizens entering the country to comply with the letter of undertaking they have signed at the Borders. “

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